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Biggest Takeaways from the March Jobs Report

April 6, 2020

Polcari: This volatility isn’t going away any time soon

March 11, 2020

Should Investors Be Worried About Trading Next Week?

March 5, 2020

Why this market strategist says not to overthink the sell-off

February 26, 2020

Why the moderate Democrats still have the upper hand in emerging as the eventual nominee

February 20, 2020


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Wall Street Week Ahead: Stocks Face Test as Reopenings Could Fuel Demand-Or More Coronavirus

(The Wall Street Journal) May 4, 2020 – "If you see a number of cases for a particular state that has opened up early starting to increase... that is going to be a worrisome sign," said Robert Pavlik, chief investment strategist at SlateStone Wealth.

Wall St rises on hopes worst for labor market is over

(Nasdaq) April 27, 2020 – ...to help solve this problem," said Robert Pavlik, chief investment strategist and senior portfolio manager at SlateStone Wealth LLC in New York.

US STOCKS-Wall Street set for choppy session; stimulus measures in focus

Reuters March 5, 2020 – “Markets (are) trying to get a sense of where we are in the correction relative to the coronavirus,” said Robert Pavlik, chief investment strategist and ...

Big Tech and Momentum Stocks Fall Victim to Coronavirus Fears

(The Wall Street Journal) February 26, 2020

How Investors Should React to Ongoing Concerns Around Coronavirus

(TheStreet) February 12, 2020 – ...Kenny Polcari, senior market strategist at SlateStone Wealth, joined TheStreet to discuss the market reaction to the coronavirus.


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